EDUC 6715 – Reflection

The assignment that I created for this course utilized digital games. It was the first time that I actively searched for games that could be used to help instruct students, when covering different topics in my high school math classes. I knew that there were many flashcard type websites, and study tips websites, but I thought that was it. After finding the games offered at MangaHigh (, I realized student can use the games as a way to learn a topic, as opposed to using the game as a review lesson. The website comes with a fully functional support system, which allows teachers to keep track of their students’ progress. This website has made me realize that teachers need to loosen their control over their classes, and let students use technologies (that they are already familiar with) to become self-directed learners.

I have never applied for a grant before, but I think that is something that I will be doing this year. The Theodolite app for the iPhone ( can be a very useful tool in all of my math classes. Hopefully, I can find something similar to this for the iTouch, and get a grant to purchase a class set, so that we can go out into the real world and put this technology to use.

Since I am already an IT Leader in my school, I will continue to focus on emerging technologies, and figuring out how they can be adapted for my school. After exploring Second Life in this course, I feel that some of my colleagues could benefit from it. So, when I return to school next week, I am going to give them some of the articles from this course, and actually show them how to sign up and get going. I think that teachers need to be aware of the new technologies that students are using, so that they can relate to them more easily, and make learning more suitable for them.


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