Reflection: EDUC 6714

I have used social networking sites before, but never for the purpose of education. I was easily able to see how a website like Ning can be beneficial for educators. As ‘friends’ upload the resources they have found, they become accessible to everyone else, so they can be critiqued, categorized, and evaluated to figure out how to best use them. I will definitely try to organize a group with my math colleagues, since there are endless amounts of online activities, games, and explorations that teachers can use with their students. Obviously, this will make it much easier for teachers to implement UDL and DI, since there are many different technologies available, and they are usually intended for different levels of students. If evaluated and organized properly, teachers will be able to access the correct resources on the social network, and easily integrate them into their lessons.

I have always enjoyed using technology with my classes, but this course has given me a much bigger understanding of exactly how to integrate it into lessons. I will admit, I sometimes used technology to simply present the same material in a new way. Now, I am more capable of using the technology as a way to get to new material. With respect to UDL, technology has now become the stairs, ramp, escalator, or elevator to get into the building.


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