Revising My GAME Plan

I feel that I have made significant progress in my GAME plan. I am utilizing online tutorials, WebQuests, and virtual fieldtrips to expand the boundaries of my classroom. In most of my classes, I have been able to focus more on application, and have been using technology much more. We have been using Geometer’s Sketchpad (GSP) for more discovery lessons, and the new TI-Nspire ( calculator has many applications that the students can use to further their understanding of different topics. Finally, I have been finding an amazing amount of information from different technology and education blogs. Aside from the information, I am also learning to take different views while creating lessons. I try to see things from another teacher’s point of view, and most importantly, from my students’ points of view.

No progress was made in the class blog/wiki department, so I am going to remove that from my GAME plan. This does not change the NETS-T learning goals that I am focusing on, so I am still on track. However, in the future, I realize that if I require things that I can not access on my own, I need to diligent in my approach. I can not wait for people to do things for me, since it will most likely take too long.


Cennamo, K., Ross, J., & Ertmer, P. (2009). Technology integration for meaningful classroom use: A standards-based approach (Laureate Education custom edition). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

International Society for Technology in Education. (2008). The ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS•T) and Performance Indicators for Teachers. Retrieved March 8, 2010, from


3 Responses to “Revising My GAME Plan”

  1. I agree when it comes to trying to get things done with technology in a district. If we as the teachers do not provide evidence and work really hard to get it done then it will never get done. As for your other goal, do your students all have TI n-spires? We got a couple of sets for use to use, but there is no way for us to check them out or let the students use them outside of the classroom. I have found that to be a huge problem because the students cannot go home and try what they learned in class because they do not have access to the calculators. Last, it is always good to see a lesson from a student’s point of view. I have had a very hard time doing that because I am good at math, so I have had to step back and really focus on what they struggle with and how that looks to them. Keep up the good work.


    • specialk333 Says:

      We have one class set of TI-Nspire calculators, and we have to sign them out ahead of time. My students can not bring them home either, so I make sure that we can do everything needed for them in the class time that I have them reserved. They are good to use every now and then, but a lot of preparation needs to be done ahead of time.

  2. Scott,
    It sounds like you are really stepping forward in technology use. A key for our master’s study here, but then you said the magic words “from my students’ points of view.” That is such a key thing for a very successful classroom experience, for everyone. We are being tossed about a bit in our pilot program, and the rest of the school following, with two different concepts. Our design plan uses the term “student centered curriculum” as well as “small learning community (SLC)” and our huge district uses “PLC” for professional learning community. They don’t have to be opposites, but so often there is little to no consideration of the students first! PLCs are great from a professional development POV, but the district seems to miss this one as well when communicating to parents.

    I am sorry you have to give up your Wiki attempt. I use them extensively, and although I am branching out and trying other things, they still give me so much more than I could have guessed, and I keep on finding kool and good things. Do you have access to edmoto? ( It might do what you need and has many WIki-like parts to it. It is new to me as well, but try it! It beats banging your head on a wall!

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